day 2 – red and granny get a little cozy

2 Nov

so i just realized last night that we’re going to california on wednesday of next week. this could become a problem as the grandfolks don’t have internet access. i have been given permission to, and i quote, “go to starbucks and spend all my money to blog.” we’ll be in a hotel for 2 days and i can use their server, but the 3 days in the valley could be a problem w/o paying for access. we’ll see what happens. i’m going to do my best to post every day. we shall see…

on to halloween. we had a parade at school and on to the tricking and treating. around these parts it is customary to tell a joke or riddle when you go to the door. growing up on the east side of the mississippi, i had never heard of this crazy deal. well, last year was my initiation. this year we let the girls tell their own jokes and they were not usually funny, but made up.

here are their costumes. justice was the hunter/woodsman who slices open the belly of the beast, but i have zero pictures of him. i have time still. last year, i didn’t get pictures of all three of them in their costumes until january. hopefully, i can do better than that this year.

red and granny get a little cozy

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