day 4

4 Nov

put some artwork and pictures up today in the new master bedroom.  we finished a remodel at our house recently where we traded rooms with the girls, busted through a wall in our new room to connect to a 7′ x 7′ room which was turned into a master closet.  both rooms have been repainted:  ours is a light turquoise and the girls’ room is now very light pink.  the change is amazing.  our room is much bigger and the closet holds everything.  we had our things in 5 separate
closets before.  it’s the first time all of our clothes and shoes are in one space.  off to hang out with daddy jay.


One Response to “day 4”

  1. jorja99 November 4, 2007 at 11:58 pm #

    Hey, I saw your question over at Kerflop and thought she might not have time to answer. The version of iPhoto you’re running sucks the big one in this category. With the newest version (can be purchased as iLife, which is iPhoto, iMovie, etc) it is amazingly easy. It categorizes your photos by days that you loaded them onto the computer and it is visual. Having Leopard (Newest OS) really helps too.

    If you can’t upgrade, I make folders (in iPhoto, on the left side) for each month of the year as I upload photos onto my computer. Then I just drag the photos into these folders. The reason that version sucks the big one is that you can’t see these folders in Finder when you’re going to upload to the internet or email or whatever.

    Hope this helps.

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