my girls

5 Nov

my girls

Originally uploaded by mommymae

i was just perusing photos this morning and added a few i took last winter. these 2 have flipped us upside down and inside out and we are all the better for it. this particular picture is a hard one. it’s before scout got her glasses, so there isn’t that. she and jillianne look so very much alike, but as mommymae and daddyjay we can tell them apart pretty well.

it’s always fun to ask our friends and family if they can tell them apart in photos like this. the girls have even started trying to trick people be trading clothes and glasses. then, scout tries to talk with jilianne’s speech impediment. it doesn’t work, of course since she just walks around saying words her sister can’t pronounce. pawk, dawk, mawk, shuhts, shawts, etc…(park, dark, mark, shirts, shorts)

they are too much for me sometimes. make me warm and fuzzy.


One Response to “my girls”

  1. OMSH November 5, 2007 at 1:44 pm #

    At one point in their lives (even though they are 3 1/2 years apart), the photos of my girls show them to be the exact same child.

    It is amazing really because one ended up being a dark brunette with deep blue eyes and the other with golden curls and sky blue eyes.

    Heading over to your flickr – the b&w in the flickr thumbnail teasers are adorable.

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