too little time

17 Dec

so i find myself without any time to post. it’s almost been a whole month and i barely have time to do my day to day stuff. i’ve got lots to say, though, so here goes:

scout has been having stomach issues. she’s been complaining about an “upsep” tummy for 2 months. we went to a kids gi specialist a month ago and she was given pepcid solutabs. it’s not working. she still has tummy aches everyday, almost constantly. we go back next tuesday, so hopefully, they’ll have some answers for us. i just feel so badly for my baby girl.

i had a birthday. i’m 31 and 8 days old. i got a nikon d80 as my big gift from my mama and daddy. it’s also going toward my christmas as well, which is totally fine with me. i’ve taken tons of pictures and am trying to get my perfect picture for our holiday photo. i have the cards ready & now i’ve got to go to the photo shop and get 80 copies of the pic i like.

i’ve been craft-happy and not very good about posting. i’ve made 3 tooth fairy pillows (2 for my girls and one for the boy cousin,) 2 bags from a tinyhappy tutorial, a baby doll quilt for cecil, a remade t-shirt for my best friend, and other misc. things that i can’t think of right now. i’m going to make one of these once i get to my parents’ house on saturday to give my sister and her hubby.

and…i’m pregnant!!! that’s the big news. we found out 2 weeks ago and i go to the doc on january 17.  i can’t believe i have to wait that long, but i’m a new patient and she’s a popular doc, so wait, i will.  the running joke around the house is that i’m having twins again.  daddyjay doesn’t laugh about that one.  it would definitely be harder than the last time.

i’m gonna hit post before i get caught up in something else.  and i promise to get better at it.


2 Responses to “too little time”

  1. fields December 19, 2007 at 11:45 am #

    ooppss… addendum to earlier comment.

    and a very happy Hanukkah.

  2. fields December 19, 2007 at 11:06 am #

    congratulations to you, for the pregnancy and the birthday. merry christmas to the k family.

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