7 Jan

i have intentions of posting often, but never do since i don’t have new pictures on flickr.  it just seems like such a hassle for me to get them on the computer and then to get them to flickr.  i wish it were easier.

we had a great holiday season – i say this since we celebrate hannukah and christmas in our house.  this year was the year of presents.  the girls couldn’t get enough and it kills me.  we may have to start some rules next year like only spending X amount of money and only buying X amount of gifts.  justice didn’t care much.  he’d open a gift and go on to the next one. he likes the paper still. 

i’ve not been feeling well due to the little grape i’m growing. nauseous and starving, but food sounds horrible.  if i eat i know i’ll feel better, but the thought of eating is too much to bear.  it’s gotten better the last 2 weeks, but it’s not gone. soon enough.  i go to the doc next week and hope it all goes well.  i’ve never met her.  third pregnancy and third doc.  i loved my first ob in austin and will never find another like her. i hope dr. smith is better than the last.  i felt like i was one out of millions with her.  with my first ob i felt like one in a million.

my sister is due to have her 2nd baby any day now.  i can’t wait to meet her.  if i get around to it again, i’ll put some photos on flickr.  

what’s the use of a book with no pictures, you know? 


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