these are a few of my favorite rings…

28 Mar

favorite rings

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flashback friday and what would i grab while running out of a burning house? these:

well, my maw maw b works at a jewelry store, so my favorite things (besides pictures) are the pieces of jewelry that have been given to me by her and a couple of others. this includes my wedding band and engagement rings which are always on anyway. those are the white gold and diamond ring stacked with the platinum band in front. maw maw b gave us the engagement ring which originally had a miner cut diamond when she bought it from an estate. she replaced that with a tanzanite, that while beautiful, has nothing on a diamond – especially a miner cut diamond in a vintage ring. we replaced the diamond with a more modern cut and will buy a top quality miner cut diamond when i’m a rock star.

going clockwise from there is a jade ring that was my great-grandma’s, a blue topaz ring given to me by maw maw b (our shared birthstone,) a ring she just gave me made of a beautiful pearl surrounded by a greek key pattern, a beautiful flowering vine gold band that was my grandfathers, an opal and ruby butterfly that maw maw b gave me, & my other great grandma’s white sapphire engagement ring and wedding band (these are more than 80 years old and will be given to scout since she was named after that great grandma.)

if you check out the flickr pics, you’ll also see in the middle is a silver and turquoise pendant that was my aunt’s. i actually had a silver necklace that had a dove on it that was my absolute favorite piece of jewelry, but it fell off once and has never been found. this pendant was given to me at the same time and it reminds me of the other one. the black pearls to the left are a souvenir from our family trip to europe when i was 10. my mom and sister picked out white pearls, but i was drawn to the black ones. they remain a favorite. the silver charm bracelet at the back was maw maw b’s. it has numerous heart charms and is adorable. it also needs a good washing. all of them rest on daddyjay’s blankie that he slept with his whole life. i’m sure he would grab this.

if i could make numerous trips in i would also grab my 2 belly casts and the girls’ tushie casts since their bellies weren’t quite big enough. once i have this third cast and corresponding tushie casts made, plastered, sanded, and shellacked, i’ll put them up in the house. i’d also get my 3 junk boxes. it’s not as bad as it sounds. one is a big one and the other 2 are quite small. i used to have 3 big ones, but dumped a lot of stuff during one of our moves. this dump included every note i’d ever been given from junior high on. i only kept those that made me laugh out loud when i read them again. i should go through them again and reorganize since i now have stuff in there from the kiddos. and the kids special boxes would also make it out. heck, i might even grab those first.

anyhoo, that’s what i’d keep.

also flashing back:


2 Responses to “these are a few of my favorite rings…”

  1. sonrie April 21, 2008 at 11:11 am #

    It was really good to meet you last night– too bad the table was so long, it made it hard for conversation. Pretty rings!

  2. MP April 21, 2008 at 7:11 am #

    Oooo those are pretty! I really like that Jade one..and the butterfly!
    It was great meeting you last night!

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