how are babies made?

25 Jun

that’s what scout asked daddyjay last night. we’ve already told them that daddies have sperm and mommies have eggs that join together to make babies.

they wanted more.

they wanted to know how the sperm gets to the egg in the uterus. i went through it all and explained that a penis fits in a vagina and that’s one of the purposes of them. they didn’t get as grossed out by the whole ordeal as i thought they would, although scout sat up and said,

“you mean you did that with us?!?”

“and you did that with this baby?”


after i said last year in november, she said, “ok.” and was over it.

it was much less traumatic than i thought it would be. totally thought it would be more exciting. i guess i should consider myself lucky that they didn’t make a big damn deal about it.


One Response to “how are babies made?”

  1. MP June 26, 2008 at 11:02 am #

    No one EVER told me that. I had to figure out so much from rumours and books…

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