new pic up top

4 Jul

i sat for a group of artists last week and the photo your see in the header is a snippet of a 2 minute sketch. i wanted to surprise daddyjay with some pics of me and i walked away with 4 that i love. not sure yet if i’ll put up 2′ x 3′ nude drawings in my house, but that one down there is one that will go in the baby’s room since it’s all belly and hands.

i’m going again in a few weeks when the belly is that much bigger and i’m that much more uncomfortable.

speaking of how i’m feeling…i’ve had lots of pelvic pressure and some pretty uncomfortable contractions. nothing to write home about, but it’s much different from the last 2. i didn’t feel a single contraction with the girls. the nurses would ask, “did you feel that? it was a big one,” and i’d just shrug. i definitely felt them with my mister, so i know these are just braxton hicks bad boys.

i’m 34 weeks tomorrow. yippee!

happy independence day.


One Response to “new pic up top”

  1. MP July 8, 2008 at 10:36 am #

    That is beautiful!! I love that sketch. I know for certain I wouldn’t be able to sit nude for artists..(blushing thinking about it).
    What a perfect addition to the babies room!

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