something i do

16 Jul

here are a bunch of things i’ve made recently for various little people in our lives.

-the big bro shirt i made for justice when i found out i was pregnant. i gave the shirt to daddyjay as a chanukkah present when we opened gifts with his parents. that was fun.

-a shirt for a finn

-justice is addicted to what he calls “choc. milk,” so when i asked him what he wanted on a shirt, he said “choc. milk”

-some besties had a baby, so josephine z. got 2 presents from us

-the story on those pirate pants is that i ruined them by leaving oxi cleaner on them for too long. that stuff works TOO well if you don’t take it off. it bleached them and made holes, so i covered them with pirate stuff, since the boy is also obsessed with pirates. these were my favorite pants before. i’ll have to see what i think now that they are all piratey.

i’m going to give my sis-in-law and her fiance a hand embroidered chuppah as a wedding present and will start on that soon. they don’t married until oct. 2009, so i have plenty of time. what i really need to finish is these. do you see all of those pieces? i was silly and let the girls pick these out 2 years ago and haven’t even finished one of them. they are so laborious. i need to dedicate some time to them every day. not to mention the fact that the kits don’t include enough sequins/beads/various other bits for me to actually do them.

and i have a pink cape to finish for one of my ladies. that will only take a few minutes, but i haven’t done it yet.

and i have to start getting ready for halloween. the boy wants to be the cheshire cat and i’m thrilled. i made max and a wild thing for the girls when they were 2 and i can use the same pattern for this with different colored stripes. fun, fun. once this baby comes, we can figure out who everyone else will be, as we like to do a family theme until the kids veto that. daddyjay and i might even dress up, who knows. i’m really trying to get the girls to do tweedle dee and tweedle dum, but they aren’t on board yet.


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