1 Aug

went to the doc yesterday and i’m 3 cm dilated! woo hoo! baby looks to weigh about 7 lbs. and now i’m really excited and anxious. i could have a baby today…or in three weeks. one never knows.

i feel like i’m having more contractions that are more noticeable, BUT i never felt a single contraction with the girls. weird. i have strep b, so doc told me to get to the hospital early in labor (when contrax. are 7 minutes apart, or so, instead of 5.) she’s worried i’d go too fast and not get the antibiotics i need for baby if i wait. my first 2 labors were quick, so this one looks to be even faster.

AND raquita was going to do a maternity session on tuesday. i hope i can make it that long, but am not too sure about it. we shall see.
i’m off to start the day.


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