my name is mommymae…

2 Aug

and i’m addicted to the wind in my vagina.

seriously. if you don’t know black hockey jesus, i suggest you go read his blog. he’s a great dad, a funnyman, and very good writer of so many different things. one day, you’ll laugh your ass off and the next, you’ll cry your eyes out.

AND i woke up this morning to a comment from bhj on one of my posts. his post from yesterday asked for our best posts and although i don’t consider myself a great writer, i enjoyed writing this and remembering my grandpas. i need to write a post about my grandmas now. i still have one left. maw maw betty. she’s a gem.

not to think i’ll get more hits because of bhj, i was stoked that he read my blog and had something nice to say. he’s good people.


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