photo sesh and castor oil

4 Aug

raquita came yesterday and we had a delightful time taking pictures. i can’t wait to see what she has done. she showed me a couple of shots and i liked what i saw. now i can’t wait to see the rest. we moved up the session in case i have the baby, but i doubt i will now that we’ve gone through the trouble to move the session. i’ll hang tight like this for the next 2 weeks, i’m sure.

so with the dilation and whatnot, i’ve been looking up all the way to make labor begin.

there’s the walking, which definitely gives me some mild contractions, but not much else.

sex, which is usually enjoyable, but not so much when you’re 38 weeks swollen with a 7.5 lb baby.

nipple stimulation, which is about the same as the walking.

and castor oil.

i have no intention of taking castor oil. i can’t say i want to kick start contractions by getting my bowels all excited and empty. we had uncle alice and nectarine over last night and i was mentioning that someone told me to take it. uncle alice said it was a “like a gag reflex for your naughty bits.” i couldn’t get over that. too funny. i know that people take it and say it works, but i also know people that take it and have none of the good results, just the nasties. i can’t say i want to deal with that.

i’ll just let nature take it’s course and see if i can’t use some of the other labor-inducing methods that won’t keep my on the commode.


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