the giggle

13 Aug


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this is the birth story of one miss james. that will be her name here, unless something else comes along. it is a play on one of her names. just so’s you know, there be information about birthin’ babies here.

i was supposed to be induced with this babe this morning, but she, apparently, had other ideas. i started having contractions for about an hour at 9am, but they went away by 10am. they weren’t consistent, so i discounted them anyway. i played with justice outside for about an hour swinging (well, watching him swing,) weeding, plucking fruit in the garden, and watering the plants and flowers.

our high school’s marching band marches through our neighborhood to the park every day to practice and buggy has become increasingly obsessed with them. he especially loves the sousaphone and cymbals. well, they started up and he heard them, so he went inside to get his cymbals (our all clad lids) and i carried him 2 blocks to the park to watch them march. we walked right back home just after. once i walked in the door contractions started again, but i went on with my day.

i started making sandwiches to eat at the pool and the contractions never went away. they were 4-5 minutes apart right away and my ob had requested that i go in when they were 7 minutes apart so i could get my 2 doses of antibiotics. i called the ob’s office at noon to see what i should do.

daddyjay came home and we decided to go ahead to the hospital w/o waiting. halfway there (and 40 minutes after i called,) the nurse practitioner called and said to go in if they became stronger. she also said that because i had been dilated 3.5 cm the day before, i would probably not be sent home. we were already on our way, so i wasn’t going home. once in triage, the nurse checked me and i was dilated 4-5 cm, so i was officially admitted to the hospital at 1pm. i called my mom, sister, & best friend to let them know that they could make their way to town and we went over to the LDR room.

i had my iv started immediately and first dose of antibiotics at 2:45pm. we had to wait to get that ordered from the pharmacy. i then hung out and waited for the contractions to get strong enough for me to want an epidural. i didn’t want to be tied to the bed for 4 hours, so i waited until i didn’t care for the pain and discomfort from the contractions. nurse nancy didn’t want to check me too often since it might cause my water to break and i understood that, but also wanted to stay on top of my progress.

daddyjay and the bestie went to get coffee at 4:40pm since the coffee place closed at 5. i had a couple of hard contractions while they were gone. my sister was quite interested in my contractions at this point and the last thing a non-medicated woman needs during a contraction is for someone to stare at the monitor and comment on how big that one was. i called for my epidural.

by the time daddyjay and the bestie came back from getting coffee, which took a long time since the first coffee spot they went to was out of espresso and they had to go to the farther one, i had my epidural. this was 5:20pm or so.

after the epidural, i felt immediately better and it slowed my contractions down, which was actually a good thing since i didn’t get my second dose of antibiotics until 6:30pm. i think nurse nancy moved that up since she wanted to be there and she was going to get off at 7pm.

so i got my next dose of antibiotics and nurse nancy broke my water. she called my ob to let her know and my ob came right away and daddyjay called his sister, nectarine, and told her it was ‘go time.’ she arrived about 20 minutes later by surprise and at 10 till 7pm, nurse nancy came in and said she was getting ready to leave. as soon as she walked out, i wanted to push. i called her (and hot new nurse julia) back in. doc was 3 minutes out at this point, so they just started setting everything up for delivery.

it was like a party.

when my doc walked in, introductions went around the room and i hung out and waited for the word.

it was kinda weird how it just happened. no ‘here we go,’ or ‘time to push.’ nurse nancy said to start pushing and i did. i got through one contraction and everyone was ooing and ahing at my vagina…well, not at my vagina, really, but what it was producing. from what i heard, there was a head and a lot of hair. now this made me giggle that my sister, mom, and best friend (nectarine was behind me) were giving a running commentary. i’m not really a running commentary kind of gal, so it struck me as funny. i started pushing on the next contraction and could feel the head emerge. more giggling from me as there was more color commentary. the doc said, “careful or we’ll laugh this one right out.” this made me giggle further and i laughed my baby out. the doc was ready, but was taken by surprise.

she flipped up the tiny tushie and daddyjay and i both thought we saw boy parts, but it was just that crazy umbilical cord getting in the way. it was a girl! (and she still is in case you wondered.) we couldn’t get over all the hair and her long beautiful hands and feet.

even though it was friday night and the opening ceremony of the olympics, my doc stuck around and chatted for a few minutes. she was great. the day couldn’t have gone more perfectly. spontaneous labor, my best i.v. from nurse trish, my best epidural from dr. epidural, and my fastest delivery where the baby giggled out of my vagina.

it was awesome.


6 Responses to “the giggle”

  1. ExMi November 15, 2008 at 3:44 am #

    this is lovely…

    and a belated hello and welcome to James…!

  2. sonrie August 19, 2008 at 9:05 am #


  3. Patrice August 16, 2008 at 8:23 pm #

    awwww Congratulations!

  4. MP August 15, 2008 at 2:16 pm #

    I LOVE that story. What a better way to be born..being lauged out and surrounded by people that love you and your mommy and daddy…. AWESOME!!! Congrats again!

  5. Bri August 15, 2008 at 2:03 pm #

    Awesome!! Congrats, lady, and welcome James!!


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