easy peasy lemon squeezy

27 Aug

lemon face

Originally uploaded by mommymae

well…not so much. not to say that having 4 kids is super hard (yet,) but the logistics of having 4 kids and getting them all to do what they need to do at the same time is a bit out of control.

daddyjay is still doing the morning duty while i sleep with miss james. she hasn’t been sleeping really well yet. we think she likes light. she sleeps much better during the day and fusses a bit at night. once the sun pokes up around 6am, she calms down and sleeps for another hour or 2. so he gets up and feeds the three big ones, gets the girls ready for school, and walks them all to school before he goes to work. he also gets my breakfast (in bed!) and his morning he vacuumed and straightened the entire ground floor. he’s a peach.

tomorrow justice goes in to school to meet his teachers and see the classroom. he knows one of the teachers since she was his teacher at camp this summer. he knows some of the kids from camp and one boy from class last year. he seems excited about starting school which makes me happy.

so starting next monday i’ll drop the girls off and take him to school for 3 hours. until she’s a little bigger, we’ll come home every day. i’ll start running errands and going to the gym later. i go back to the gym in october since i froze my membership since postpartum mommies are supposed to take 6 weeks off. i figured i should save the money.

blah, blah, blah…not a lot going on to write home about, i guess.

i’m sure that won’t be the case soon enough. this life will get very interesting, i’m sure. until then, i’ll keep on keepin’ on and enjoy the life i live.


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