i’m walkin’ here!

11 Sep

so i was walking home from a girl scout meeting last night when i almost got hit by a car.

and i was nursing jamison.

on the same side where the car came an inch from her head.

freaky scary.

i started crossing the street when the car was a block away. i had plenty of time. she started to slow down and i continued across. i realized she wasn’t looking at me and wasn’t going to stop when she crossed over her lane a bit and barely slowed down. she was planning on rolling through the stop and turning left. even with my scream of bloody murder, she didn’t stop completely. she nonchalantly said, “i guess i didn’t see you,” as she drove away. then had the gall to add, “you should try walking on the sidewalk.”


i was in the fucking crosswalk!!!

in my best ratso rizzo impersonation, i screamed back at her, “i’m in the path to cross the street!!” (yea – i couldn’t remember the word crosswalk at the time.)

as i continued home, i could do nothing but bury my head in my baby and let the tears flows. it was scary more than anything, and once i got home, i was infuriated. i mean, she didn’t even stop to see if i was okay. she was totally out of it and seemed put out that I was in HER way. my little 9 lb. babe was inches away from being hit by her first car. maybe i should have thrown the bitch a party since she brought that on so soon in jamison’s life. seems that don’t have that milestone in the baby books.

and as silly as it sounds, it all makes me reflect on life and how fleeting it can be. i don’t know what i’d do if i lost any of them. not sure if i’d be able to get out of bed. ever.


2 Responses to “i’m walkin’ here!”

  1. MP September 15, 2008 at 2:20 pm #

    I’m w/ anymommy…I would have been freaking out even if I almost hit a jaywalker..let alone someone in a crosswalk.. OR as the new cool way to say it. “path to cross the street”.. 🙂
    I’m so glad you are OK.. hope you didn’t have flodding issues this weekend, I was thinking of you!

  2. anymommy September 12, 2008 at 10:25 am #

    How frightening. And what an obnoxious person! Apparently, they are everywhere. If I almost hit a mom and child in a crosswalk, I would have to sit by the side of the road for an hour while I sobbed. I’m sorry – and I’m so glad that you are both fine!

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