so he got cake

18 Sep

we’ve been lazily potty training the boy for a few reasons.

1. he’s a boy and i heard it was harder.

2. we have a brand new baby and didn’t want to upset the balance too much with a baby and forcing him to sit on the commode.

we’ve done it the same way as the we did the big girls except for one thing. the girls ran around naked and he wears underpants. our theory on the nakedness is that they will feel the urine running down their legs and dislike it so they will want to eliminate in the pot. that doesn’t work with a boy unless he feels it, hence the undies.

well, this guy has some massive blow outs in the pooping department and it’s a mess to clean up. he has so far refused to poo poo on the potty. yesterday, he was totally naked (he had just taken his halloween underpants off to pee in the grass) when he came inside to play while i fed the baby. not 2 minutes later, he had that look on his face. you know, the look every kid gets when they poop. every kid has their own unique look and i know his.

i said, “are you going pee pee or poo poo?”

“no!” he yells and charges off too the bathroom. “i go pee pee potty!”

i followed him to see if he needed help and to keep him company. i can sit at the bottom of the stairs while he goes, so i sat down and continued to nurse james.

he asked for a book. the pigeon book.

i went to get it as well as a chair so i could be close enough for him to enjoy the book and it’s pictures while i read.

so i start reading and i see that look again. i asked him if he was pooping and he said “yes.”

after telling him how proud i was and laughing with him through the book (he thinks that damn pigeon is hilarious,) we had a poop flushing ceremony and, of course, the potty song.

you know:

poo poo on the potty
poo poo on the potty
buggy went poo poo potty.

he said, “now do pee pee.”

fair enough, he did pee as well.

after the lavishing of praise and music i asked him what he wanted for dinner.

“chocolate cake.”

so i made a texas chocolate sheet cake.

when he finished his dinner of ice cream and a trail mix burrito with shredded cheese on the side, he asked for poo poo cake.


“you want some of my poo poo cake?” he asks the girls.

yes, indeed they did, but not before jeebs asked if it really had poop in it.

like i would waste an entire cake by adding poop to it. yuck.

i hope he doesn’t think he gets cake every time he poops now.


One Response to “so he got cake”

  1. Heather September 19, 2008 at 10:06 am #

    Both of my boys gave up diapers on their third birthdays. That casual method worked for us. Good luck!

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