wow. just wow.

1 Nov

i had no intentions of starting nablopomo like this, but something has happened in my community.

a local police officer was shot and killed last night. it happened at 10:30 pm in the middle of halloween celebrations in the loop. (the loop is a strip with lots of fun shops, bars, restaurants, etc.) he was a friend and neighbor of my in-laws. this is heart-wrenching. he was such a great guy and we are all shell-shocked. my heart goes out to his wife and family.

there is very little information out about it, but i did look at the local paper’s story and the comment stream makes me sick. i didn’t grow up here, but the racism that i have seen in the 2 years that i’ve lived here is enough to make me want to leave this city. on the other hand, i want to be part of the generation that can change it.

i want my kids to grow up to celebrate the beauty of our community, wherever that may be. i want them to see past barriers that have been built by past generations and are still being fostered. i want them to know that they can marry whomever they want and be whatever they want to be. but i want them to know from the world around them all of these things. although we will also be their teachers, i want the world to be as accepting as we are. every one of us is unique and wonderful in our own way and i cherish that. i want my children to grow up in a world where other people cherish those differences, too. where we can teach about those differences and learn about them without preconceived notions.

a world where we are all beautiful. it’s where i live. i just wish that everyone else lived here too.


One Response to “wow. just wow.”

  1. sonrie November 3, 2008 at 12:50 pm #

    I try hard to not read the comments after articles in the P-D because it makes me too sad and angry. There is so much racism, and beyond that, one never knows the entire story. The commenters usually end up saying speculative things that may not be true anyway.

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