proper net etiquette? (netiquette is a silly word)

4 Nov

so what do you do when someone comments on your blog?

1. do you comment back?


2. do you email them?

or what about when you leave a comment on another blog and that blogger emails you back. do you write back again?

some people comment back and some email back. i’ll be honest, i don’t have time to reread someone’s comment stream after i’ve left one. (i do, however, read black hockey jesus’ comments. they’re usually pretty funny.)

not sure what to do, but i’d like to know what you do. i don’t want to be rude, but i’ve also got to manage my time.

*oh yea…go vote.


One Response to “proper net etiquette? (netiquette is a silly word)”

  1. sonrie November 4, 2008 at 9:47 am #

    Since I have blogger and I can’t access emails (unless somehow I can and just don’t know how), I try to comment back on that person’s blog. If I really like their blog, I subscribe in google reader and comment on occasion to show support when I like a post.

    I usually don’t read a comment stream, however.

    I enjoy reading comments on my own blog, but it doesn’t make or break my day. I just like expressing my creativity in an electronic format.

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