hard to move on from here

5 Nov


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last night as i lay in bed watching the results come in i was reminded of 2000. we were hanging out with our friends will and natalie in austin waiting for them to announce president gore. we were sure of it. when peter jennings called florida, we jumped up and down and drank another beer. soon after, we decided to go downtown to the capitol and laugh at all the republicans who were there for george w.

there were people everywhere and we were surprised to find them celebrating like we had been just half an hour before. george prescott bush was on stage getting everyone riled up. we slowly realized that something had happened and the sea of red in downtown austin was happy, not sad. they had taken florida from gore, which changed everything.

we stayed for about an hour and went home since there really wasn’t much else to do and we surely didn’t want to be there if they told us our 43rd president was going to be our governor.

waking up the next morning, i wanted good news, but didn’t get it. i was shocked that george w. bush was announced the winner. we all were. i cried.

tears came down twice yesterday. the first time was when i was listening to the bagpipes honor our local police officer who was killed “for no such reason” (as g would say) on halloween i was humbled by the love of our community as we lined the streets for him and honored his service and his life.

and last night.

last night i cried for a much different reason. although the death of sgt. king weighs heavily on our community, i know there were thousands of people crying tears of joy as we all watched barack obama take the stage as the president elect of our great nation. i was so happy to have been a part of taking such a huge step forward as a country. i am only one of millions who has been woven into the canvas that is the united states of america. and i have hope that we can move forward and make things better. better for us, better for the world. barack obama has given me hope that we will see change in our world. change for the better. i’ll hold him to that and hope that he earns my vote again in four years. i’m ready for that change.

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