100 coming up

19 Nov

*if the link for “live forever” wasn’t working before, it should be working now. please let me know if it is not functional.

i have 93 posts in the bag.

this one makes 94.

so next week, i’ll be sending out my big list of 100 secrets i keep from the blogging world.

if you want to know anything in particular, please ask. i may or may not add that info.

i’m, once again, posting about 2 giveaways. i like quilts and handmade stuff. what can i say? no videos this time, though.

camille is a pattern and fabric designer and is giving away a custom made quilt over here. she asked her readers to pick their favorite pattern and tell her one of the most interesting compliments they’ve ever received.

i said that i guess the most interesting compliment i’ve received is when we were walking home from picking up the big girls from school with the bug and miss james when she was 3-weeks old and a neighbor stopped me to chat about the kids and said, “you seem like the kind of gal that would birth a baby and keep on picking potatoes. a real salt-of-the-earth type.”

i think i would.

and i think i am.

the other giveaway is here. ashley has 100 posts and does some really great sewing. she makes quilts, bags, potholders, embellished dish towels, etc. she is giving away fabric, potholders, and napkins. quite a great lot of goodies if you ask me.

ashley wants to know what we are making for the holidays and i just can’t tell you that. some of you readers are getting some things. but, i will tell you that i’m refashioning a horse head into a stick pony for the boy, making fancy dresses for the big girls, and pillows for maw maw b. there is a lot more i’m making, but i don’t want to give anything away.

gotta finish feeding the babe and get the boy.


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