2 Jan

passed out

Originally uploaded by mommymae

well, the rush to finish all holiday goodies is over, as is last year. i think we’ve all felt like my dude did for a week now. it’s nice to start again and look forward. i’m not much for reflecting, but if forced i’d have to agree it was a pretty good year, what with a birth and all.

i’m definitely looking to the new year with hope that my boy trashes diapers, my big girls listen better (it was their resolution, after all,) and my baby will be sleeping in her own bed soon. (details on that to come.) i’d also like to join the csa, live frugally, and continue to green my home.

until next time, hop on over to flickr to see some of the stuff i made (as i don’t yet know how to post more than one picture in a blog entry that links to flickr.)


One Response to “done”

  1. Natalie January 2, 2009 at 8:54 pm #

    I just discovered your photos on Flickr. (yeah, yeah, I know.) They are great, and I love all of the gifts you made for your kids. You are so talented.

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