it’s official…

3 Jan

my baby likes food.

i took out a box of rice cereal out tonight (1 of 4 boxes given to me by a friend) thinking i’d feed her this week. daddyjay is sick and i didn’t want to do it tonight in the middle of making pizza and giving her a bath.

well, jillianne had 4 loose baby teeth, one permanent tooth coming in behind a loose one, and another permanent tooth just under the gum. that tooth and the one in front of it are causing horrible tear-inducing pain. i wanted to cheer her up and decided to feed miss james anyway.

i put the baby in the tub and mixed up some rice and water. she gobbled it up. she was smacking her chops and licking the spoon. i was thrilled. the big kids were thrilled and they all had a chance to feed her once. no pictures, but i’ll be sure to get photos and set up video next time.

oh, and on the way out of the bathroom, jillianne opened the door on her foot. ouch! back to bed with tears.

daddyjay to the rescue with milkshakes for dessert.

yum all around.


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