new music monday x

5 Jan

although conor oberst of bright eyes is an extremely prolific song writer, i just can’t help but go to this song every time. “first day of my life” is just sweet.

i stop and start and there might be a baby flying in the background somewhere. i screw up a few chords, but i’m not doing it again. i could spend hours recording, but want to chill.

any ideas from the peanut gallery for future mondays?


One Response to “new music monday x”

  1. cathygaubert January 8, 2009 at 9:39 am #

    ha! sorry to say this, but the flying+dancing baby totally upstaged you!!! 🙂 and baby cate didn’t mind the screwed up chords at all…she stared, enraptured, at the screen.
    oh, and i will have a package in the mail to you tomorrow when i get to the p.o. child-free. unfortunately, it won’t have my fabric in it…i’m still behind on b.l.q.b.

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