19 Apr

i hope to get a post up about the race i did yesterday, but wanted to first post about a giveaway.

i’m a fabric whore and will do anything to get some. (that’s what she said)

anyhoo – in celebration of her daughter’s 30th birthday, thearica of pigtales & quilts is giving away 30 fat quarters. kinda cool. i’d take it.

i’m passing out now (at 9pm) yesterday was rough, but totally worth it.

-on a completely different tangent, i’m growing my hair long again. i saw a picture and liked it a lot, so i’m going for it. of course, by the tie it’s long it may all be completely white, which i’d be cool with.


One Response to “quickly…”

  1. cIII April 21, 2009 at 1:39 pm #

    Quilts are my most favorite blankets in the World. There’s no way I’d ever try and make one, maybe, but I sure do like to look at them.

    Right before I curl up in one and sack out with a Good book.

    Or, turn it into a Fort.

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