river to river relay part 2

17 May

where was i?

ah, yes. they started shutting down the course on us. we knew this might happen, per the rules, but we really didn’t expect it. at this point we had 2 choices: keep on going or skip some legs so we always had race officials & emt around. we talked to the other 2 teams that were with us and they also agreed that skipping some legs was probably the best idea.

now, i went to the race to run three legs and 10+ miles. i wasn’t skipping my legs. neither was the bestie. that was our purpose. nobody else cared so they all skipped at least one leg. here’s how the rest of the race looked:

round 2

3 – skipped
4 – our alternate ran half & #4 ran half
5 – ran
6 – skipped
7 – ran
8 – skipped

round 3

1 – skipped
2 – skipped
3 – skipped
4 – alternate ran this with #4

while checking on these 2 halfway through their run we saw a pirate:
pirates run

and a some pipes:

5 – alternate also ran this with #5 (she’s tough)
6 – skipped
7 – skipped
8 – i ran w/#8

granted, i didn’t go there to run that last leg, but #8 mentioned she’d run with me & i figured we should run it so that we had someone crossing the finish line. it was a rough one. lots of hills, a main road into the town of golconda and the finish line, not to mention the dwindling daylight. we made it in & the rest of the ladies on our team ran across the finish line with us. the guys hung back and took pictures, which worked out so that i got some pictures of me. (and don’t i look dandy with the samurai ponytail on top?)

finish line

some outtakes:

where’d his leg go?
one leg

my new home

now that i’ve finished this i could have just added it to the last one, but i’ve been preoccupied with getting our house sold. i’ve been in a blogging and sewing rut. i have a lot of things to do, but little desire to finish them. i guess moving out of this house in a month or so may give me the impetus to not have a billion projects packed away.

think good thoughts on the home-selling front, please. all good wishes can only help.


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