back porch squatter

21 Aug

i’ve got a squatter.

the girls got up early this morning (5:50amthankyouverymuch but don’t let that fool you into thinking i didn’t get up earlier at 4:15am!!!! i love you, babydoll!) to go swimming before school since they didn’t get to swim last night. when we were coming inside 30 minutes later, i noticed the tiniest lizard on a towel.


it’s a teeny tiny lizard & it’s on my back patio.

is he gonna eat that?

let me rephrase that. it’s a teeny tiny lizard & it won’t leave.

seriously. dude has been out there since 6am & it’s now 1pm & he’s hanging out.

and every time i go out there it gesticulates wildly and flips over & acts crazy loco like it’s telling me it won’t leave.

next thing you know it’ll start singing “la vie boheme” & deleting my voicemails.

(taye diggs is pretty)

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