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1 Oct

i’ve won 3 different things on the intarwebnets in the last few weeks & wanted to share with you my findings. a review (or 3) if you will.

daddyjay thinks i need to buy a lottery ticket.

i was not paid to say any of this. just so’s ya know.

from the lovely ladies over at your mama reviews, i won a jamtots berry plush AIO cloth diaper and a bamboo snap-in soaker.

first of all, it’s totally adorable. yes, that matters to me. i know that all of our cloth diapers aren’t super-fabulous, but i got to pick & i wanted the cutest one. well, i got it. i ended up with the dalmation print & it is as cute, in person, as it is online, if not cuter. miss james seems to love wearing it. she’ll pick it out if she sees it.

now the important stuff: does it hold in the excrement and liquid output of my baby-child?


and the bamboo & minkee liner is extremely soft, even when dried in the sun.

it fits her very well, too. it’s a trimmer fit than many of her diapers. it doesn’t skimp in the crotch, though, but has a lower rise. while reading the description from the jamtots site i noticed this:

Now with snaps at the front and the back (on medium and large sizes only)! Snap in at the front for front wetters or if the rise is a bit big for your baby to prevent any sagging at the front and snap in at the back for middle wetters or babies who sleep on their backs!

i hadn’t noticed before that the diaper is reversible! does anyone else do this?!? i have to try it tomorrow, for sure. jamison is in a new phase of taking diapers off, so i can trick her with this one.

here’s the run-down. all categories are best of 5:

comfort: 5
fit: 5
adorableness: 5
trickery: 5
doin’ it’s job: 5

so far, so good. i have nothing bad to say about this diaper. they have numerous styles & colors to choose from. i guess if i were to pick a con it would be price. they are a tad expensive, but i got mine for free, so i ain’t complainin’!

over on twitter, i won twice from the clever girls collective project runway parties. first, i won some erno laszlo gentle body exfoliator and it smells divine. when i opened the box it came in, i wanted to jump in the box and swim in a sea of this stuff.

not only does it smell divine, it works really well as an exfoliator. remember, i live in the desert and my skin is usually fairly dry and somewhat ashy without lotion. i showered 23 hours ago and used it. my skin is still looking pretty good even though i forgot to moisturize after my shower.

two cons i can think of are the lack of lather and price. i’m getting used to little lather in products, since the more environmentally-friendly soaps & shampoos have less lather because of the ingredients used, so it doesn’t really bother me. i simply wanted to point it out in case that is a factor. at $38, i wouldn’t buy this for myself, but i’m kind of a cheapskate. i’d rather go without to save money, BUT if you have the money, i can’t recommend a better skin-slougher.

the other night i played the project runway game was 2 weeks ago when i won an a. tierney rosecliff bangle. a. tierney makes a lot of pretty jewelry and accessories. it’s a very pretty bangle, but i, sadly, can’t wear it, what, with my man-hands, and all. (could that sentence have any more commas?) i received the orange bangle and immediately put it on. it took a second to get it on, but once on it fit around my thin wrist. when i went to take it off, it was a fight to the death took a bit of elbow grease and left a few marks. so, i can wear it, but i will injure myself every time i do. i’ll give it another shot, though. all for the sake of beauty, right? it’s really too pretty to give to my kids.

once again, this item is $38. it’s not unheard of for a bracelet, but being the miserly gal i am, i wouldn’t pay for it. i told you, i’m cheap.

in short, if money is no object, i would buy all three of the items i just won.

maybe if i have winning lottery ticket, i’ll do just that.


One Response to “in review”

  1. nectarine October 1, 2009 at 4:08 pm #

    you can bring that bracelet right on over to the lou when you come… 🙂

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