dress design for shabby apple dresses

3 Nov

i decided to try my hand at the dare to design is contest at shabby apple. i’ve actually been interested in designing this exact dress for myself for a while & whether i win or not, i’ll make it.

i regularly drool over the shabby apple dresses. they are cute, tasteful & reasonably priced. there are tons of styles, so anyone can find at least 1 (or12) dresses that they like.

my design:
shabby apple design contest

the inspiration for this dress comes from an old olga nightgown of my mom’s that i have. it is still in great shape & i’ve been wearing it a lot lately (no, you will not see that picture.) to make sure that it’s wearable as a dress, i’ve had to modify the neckline a bit and removed some of the lace, but it stays true to the overall design of the ankle-length nightgown.

the sleeves are not fitted, but more of a truncated kimono sleeve that covers the shoulder. there is room without needing a camisole underneath. the 2 front panels are gathered at the top and bottom, just slightly to allow for room in the chest if someone is ample-chested, but it also looks good on those of you who, like me, lack in that department. there is also a slight gather at the top of the neck in the back to allow for room. the dress ends just below the knee, which is exactly where i like it. it stays on with a side zipper.

the fabrics are from a new line that i’m really excited about from anna maria horner called “little folks.” there are a few solids, including the cotton voile in water that would be perfect for the main fabric on the dress. the waist panel and shoulder panel (it goes across the back of the neck) also come from this line in the baby bouquet in dusk. i’ve also added a cream-colored lace panel at the chest and as an edge on the waist for a sweet touch.

i think it’s pretty cute.


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