my third bee

4 Nov

i’ve up and joined my third quilting bee. i haven’t figured out the badge yet, but it’s over here. we even have someone joining us from new zealand. quite exciting.

i had enough fabric in my stash to get us started for october & i sent out a variety of different brightly colored fabrics to everyone else in order to make a quilt for the baby. the other 2 bees were for the three big kids, so i thought she should get one, too.

so far, i have 14 blocks (mine included) the rest are on their way. i’m really impressed and inspired with all of the creativity i’ve seen in these blocks.

bird on a block
an adorable bird on a box by karissa

1 of 2 from beth
i really freaked beth out with this one. she embroidered jamison’s first name, but saw that i blurred it and called her jamison. she thought she screwed up when i should have originally told them all that i didn’t use first names.

from heather.
i love the addition of lace on this block. very sweet.

that’s a door! on a house! with a little lass inside! swoon! (no blog to link for kathy)

if you remember, jamison’s hebrew name is malcha, which means queen. megan made this crown for our queen. i really am quite touched with the sentiment in this one.

so ridiculous!!
and holy-smokes! this looks like it’s own little mini quilt! fabulous! thanks, jessica!

and here’s one of mine. the multi-talented, incomparable cathy sent me the adorable bear piece when i won a tote in a giveaway she had last year, so i used it as the anchor & built around it. i don’t use a pattern, unless someone asks me to, so it’s just all smacked together. i really like how it turned out. the other one i made is just as cute, i just didn’t have it finished before i uploaded pictures.

this is going to be one fabulous quilt, don’t you think?


One Response to “my third bee”

  1. Neil November 4, 2009 at 8:09 pm #

    Never saw a real quilting bee other than in that movie. That is cool, and very pretty.

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