5 minutes

5 Nov

here’s an exercise in how much writing i can get done in 5 minutes:

i have already:
-eaten breakfast (leftover dutch baby pancake)
-had one cup of coffee
-one for a walk/run
-reorganized the 2 shoes bins in the garage
-cleaned up from the reorganization of shoe bins (that’s for you, daddyjay)
-put the baby down for a nap
-sat down to write

i still have to:
take a shower
clean the floors
figure out how the baby locked my washing machine & get it unlocked so i can do laundry
-sew some quilt squares for my quilting bee
sew some quilt squares for christmas presents
feed the three of us who are at home
make my bed
empty the dishwasher
go see pioneer woman at changing hands bookstore tonight with sarah

…times up. off to shower. not bad for someone who never took a typing class and has to hunt & peck.

update: i did almost everything on my list. just didn’t get to the bee block. good thing i have the whole month.


One Response to “5 minutes”

  1. Jackie November 6, 2009 at 7:21 am #

    So jealous that you got to see the Pioneer Woman!! I live in Canada, but my sister happened to be going to Pheonix this week, so I made her go down there on my behalf!

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