a random compendium of crap in my brain, plus and minus

10 Nov

-i’m not going to blogher10. i’m bummed, but can’t swing it with the trying to buy a new house and all. boo hoo.
-also, no vegas. same reason.
-i don’t get why people get all butt-hurt about stupid stuff
-people who choose to tell me things are all my fault when all i really want is support, not a lecture can #suckit
-the phrase “well, i don’t disagree with that”? i hate it.
-people who commit to a group project and drop the ball, let it roll away and get smashed by a freighter suck (no, not you.)
-my husband having to go to a holiday party in st. louis for work. um…hi. we live in phoenix now, dudes.
-i so hate when my son has night terrors, but know i can do nothing about it.
-but when he sleeps for 11.5 hours, it’s like heaven
-and when the lady-baby naps for 3 hours, well, you can slap my ass and call me george.
-when scout says, “what’s in the box?!?” like from the movie, seven ’cause i’ve been quoting it while the kids play in cardboard boxes? i die.
-i love the way jilly says /R/, which is the wrong way. she says mowk, dowk, powk (mark, dark, park) the slp will change it soon.
-embarrassing my daughters while dancing like a mad-woman is hilarious
-listening to “fire burning” and all 6 of us surrounding the baby and dancing like her is more fun than i’ve had in a long time
-i, apparently, need to dance more


4 Responses to “a random compendium of crap in my brain, plus and minus”

  1. Mommy Melee November 14, 2009 at 6:09 pm #

    I love that you said butthurt. And I hate that I get butthurt about stupid stuff. I’m a spaz.

    I can’t do Vegas either, and I am insanely bummed you aren’t going to NYC. I feel like you’re a soul sister and I want so so much to hug you.

    That what’s in the box thing just killed me dead. Hilarious.

  2. TentCamper November 10, 2009 at 9:45 am #

    We may have bee separated at birth. Sounds like you were taking an inventory of my head!!

  3. cIII November 10, 2009 at 8:21 am #

    We should all dance more than we do. It’s good for the Soul.


  1. i can’t not engage, but i really don’t wanna « mommymae - December 31, 2009

    […] said before, i want to be able to play with them and have fun with them. i still think i need to dance more with them in the […]

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