by the numbers

13 Nov

10: number of loads of laundry i do a week
2: times i unloaded the dishwasher yesterday
0: number of dirty dished currently in my house (whee!!)
7: number of carseats/boosters we own
4: number of carseats/boosters we currently use
1: number of boosters i’ll buy this year for the boy who will be 4 on his next birthday
4: number of strollers we have owned
2: number of strollers we currently use
53: months i’ve breastfed in my life
7: number of quilts i need to make for holidays/baby presents
4: number of presents i need to make for the holidays, besides those that are for my kids
10: number of presents i don’t have to make because we’re not exchanging gifts with adults
infinity: amount of happiness i get from the fact that we’re only exchanging gifts with kids this year
7: months late i am with my brother’s wedding present (but it’s going in the mail today!)
0: number of books i have finished in the last two years (sad. i know.)
3-4: weeks i can drive on one tank of gas (this is epic.)
28: minutes to get the boy to preschool
2.5: miles i hope to run before we get there (2.6 according to gmap-pedometer)


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