all 6

14 Nov

wow. the last 24 hours has been interesting, indeed. our aunt & uncle have left town, leaving us in charge of their house (no problem,) dogs (again, no problem,) and 2 kids (no problem, really, it’sjustreallyhardtokeepafter6kids’schedules)


1:45 pm drive to cousin, marshall’s school to pick him up.

2:05 pm school is out, no marshall in sight

2:10 pm the line (of only 7 cars, mind you) moves forward one space

2:18 pm i have finally acquired the boy cousin & rush home to meet my girls from bus drop off

2:26 pm meet the girls, grab their stuff for swim team, drive 6 blocks to pay for the diagnosis of daddyjay’s car to the tune of way too much, go to bob & lou’s house for a snack, make pizza dough

3:20 pm pack up for swim team for the girls/diving practice for marshall. it’s at the same place, so there’s that

3:35 pm arrive at the pool and try to keep the baby occupies for the next 40 minutes while she tries to go head-first into the pool.

4:15 pm back to our house to clean up, get clothes for the weekend, unload the dishwasher, feed the baby another snack, clean up my sewing mess, get a touch of bad news, and keep the baby happy

5:45 pm leave to pick up daddyjay at work since his car is in the shop

6:20 pm leave his office for the girl cousin, eva, who is being inducted into the international thespian society




6:50 pm she’s finally done. we leave school to go back to the house to make the roll out the dough, make the sauce, bake the dough, make & bake the pizza, get all 6 (6!!) kids to bed & pass out, ourselves.

the littlest ones ended up in bed by 9 pm & the big 4 read for a few more minutes. we were pretty beat. i can’t imagine how anyone with more kids than me can manage their day. i felt like i was all over the place from 2 – 10 pm.

remind me about this if i start telling you i want more babies? k?


2 Responses to “all 6”

  1. Melissa November 15, 2009 at 12:43 am #

    How did you keep track of it all?! I would have forgotten to keep breathing somewhere around 5:06.

  2. Sarah Jackson November 14, 2009 at 10:18 pm #

    you know you want another one. 🙂

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