of giveaways and such

17 Nov

i’ve done a few giveaways on my blog. someone contacted me, gave me something & asked me to give one away. easy as pie. if pie were, well, easy.

but i wonder a couple of things about giveaways.

i saw a giveaway last week on a reputable photography blog about a gift card to 2 certain stores. apparently, people who wouldn’t shop at those stores complained (possibly jokingly) and the parameters were changed to include a gift card anywhere. maybe it’s just the blogger being really nice, which i have no doubt is the case, but this rubbed me the wrong way. if you don’t want to win the prize? DON’T ENTER! click that little ‘x’ up in the corner and move on, but don’t complain about something that someone is giving away FOR FREE! in their own personal space. i mean, people really do this? i’ve been reading sew mama sew for a couple of years and every day in november they do a giveaway. do i enter? yes, when it’s something i like or would use. they give away things i wouldn’t want, like knitting books and party books, so i don’t enter. i’m not that greedy, but to call someone out & tell them you wouldn’t like their prize? a bit much, folks. a bit much.

in one of my giveaways, the winner hadn’t receive her prize 3 months after the giveaway and contacted me about it. i felt horrible. she won, sent me her address & i passed it on to the correct people. i just contacted the pr group that handled the giveaway & they felt badly, too. it was no fault of mine or theirs, but when we are the ones doing the giveaway, we feel it reflects on us because we chose to work with the company giving something away.

twice i’ve won giveaways and never received anything. in one case, i contacted the giver/blogger and in another case i didn’t. it wasn’t a big deal really, some patterns and fabric, but i was a tidge bummed since i was looking forward to getting them. i’m not out any money or time, though, so i’ve since dropped it and will move on.

but should i keep contacting them? or contact them at all? i feel like a greedy little pig if i do, so i haven’t, but would you?


3 Responses to “of giveaways and such”

  1. -R- November 17, 2009 at 10:06 pm #

    I think contacting the giveaway people once or twice is fine. I would probably just give up after that.

    I haven’t ever seen anyone complain about a giveaway. That’s horrible! I agree with you; if you don’t like it, don’t enter.

  2. TentCamper November 17, 2009 at 2:39 pm #

    Contact them!!!
    I just started doing giveaways (you should check them out) and I also did product reviews for online magazines…as well as a 10 year stint in PR.
    Contact them. They see you as a consumer who wants their product..and one who will tell friends and family about it.

  3. Lolly November 17, 2009 at 12:17 pm #

    Ok two things. 1) If there is a giveaway of something I don’t like I don’t enter either. I mean that just makes sense.

    I have debated the heck out of this cause I would like folks to be able to leave a comment and not feel like they are just here to win something (lots of people don’t want to enter). I wish there was a check box or something you could place on the giveaway posts so people could opt in or opt out! Know what I mean!

    …and 2) about contacting someone you won something from. I think I would try once (after the initial handing over of your address) and then if you did not hear from them ever again I would just let it go.

    Hope my 2 cents helps some.

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