i know i wasn’t the best teacher in the world, but this is ridiculous

19 Nov

so i used to be a special education teacher. my last year, i taught 8th grade resource, which was reading, writing & math to kids with varied learning disabilities. a lot of my kids also used the speech and language pathologist (slp,) so i also worked with her on a regular basis. i know what it takes to get these kids the services they need. i also know how much paperwork is involved with being a special ed. teacher or slp.


this process for my jilly to get speech services is getting ridiculous.

2 months ago i asked for the slp to see jillianne because she can’t say /R/ correctly.

mark = mowk
dark = dowk
park = powk

age 7 is the time to finally start working on this phoneme since it is one of the last sounds that can be self-corrected, so we waited until now to do anything about it. i almost wish i would have paid the money to have a private slp help her 2 years ago so i didn’t have to deal with the sssslllloooowww response time of the public school slp.

here’s my timeline:

mid-spetember: initial call to slp

9/18: she observed her in class as well as her sister, since her sister has been stuttering just a bit lately.*

9/23: i sent the slp an email about a new way to administer speech therapy that my aunt told me about. (it’s articulation therapy that is for kids who only have ieps for speech and no other educational/behavior needs.)

9/28: i sent an email to the teacher that the slp had observed and would be getting back to me soon. (heh.)

10/23: i sent an email to the slp asking for some follow-up since she never did get back to me.

10/30: it took her a week to get back to me and let me know that she would be sending home the initialization paperwork to sign for permission to test jilly the following monday.

11/2 (the following monday): no paperwork.

11/4: i sent another email to the teacher and slp to ask if had been given to jillianne.

11/6: the teacher emailed me to say she’d check up with the slp. 15 minutes later i got an email from the slp that said to look for it that day. i got it and sent it back signed the following day.

fast-forward to today. i have asked jillianne if she’d been taken out of class to work with the slp at all and she said no, until yesterday. mind you, i gave the signed permission for back 11 days before. it’s been an extremely slow process and it’s frustrating for me as the parent.

as a teacher, i was constantly disappointed by my student’s parents and i try really hard not to be that parent that isn’t involved, doesn’t help out, doesn’t return paperwork, doesn’t do anything for my child to succeed. i’m now on the other side and i’ve become frustrated with the lack of communication from the school in the teacher and slp. i was expected to return emails and phone calls within 24 hours. daddyjay does the same thing at work. it’s common courtesy, i think. make your phone calls/write a quick email as soon as class gets out. i know they have to stay a bit after the last bell, so it makes sense to get as much done then as you can. i’m not sure if the teacher and slp are overwhelmed or lazy or forgetful or whatever, but it’s starting to bother me more than i’d like.

would this bother you?

has this happened to any of you?

should i say something to them?

what else should i do?

* scout’s stutter has been around for since summer. it seems like her mind is working faster than her mouth. it’s not the stuttering where one repeats a consonant over and over, but she gets caught in the middle of a thought & tries to breathlessly get to the next thought. she doesn’t do it all the time, but it is noticeable enough that her teacher mentioned it to the slp who agrees that we can wait on her since it may be due to the huge changes in her life recently with the move.


3 Responses to “i know i wasn’t the best teacher in the world, but this is ridiculous”

  1. Harriet November 30, 2009 at 7:58 pm #

    Seth lisped too. School told me it was too soon to do anything and I waited since I trusted them. third grade they said, NOW is the time. Two or three sessions with the speech therapist and voila, no more lisp. Be patient. She most likely won’t lisp at her wedding and besides, it’s cute now.

  2. tara November 19, 2009 at 4:47 pm #

    I sometimes I think faster than I talk and I start a sentence with a stutter.
    My 4 year old is in our school’s preschool children just for kids who have need of extra stuff. How else do i put that? They have speech therapy and I get maybe too much feed back. They are in contant contact and send home paperwork for me to peruse to keep up with what they are doing.
    I’m sorry you are having a hard time getting people to get motivated.

  3. Sarah Jackson November 19, 2009 at 1:42 pm #

    Remind me to tell you about our experience getting reading help for G when we moved here. It took a full year. Also, it’s not just your school. Our neighbors are having the same problem at the other neighborhood school. It seems to be a districtwide problem from what I’ve observed.

    The only thing that worked for me was being a very squeaky wheel. Parking your butt in Charles’ office seems to work wonders. Also, making a call to the district higher-ups can be effective. Oh, and leave a message every single day for the SLP. Make it clear that you’re not going away.

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