the tie

20 Nov

so there’s this little tradition in my husband’s family that involves all people marrying into the family getting a nickname based on the letters H and R. it started when my father-in-law married my mother-in-law and her sister married her husband. they are the original H and R. and it all revolves around this wacky tie.

the tie

my mother-in-law’s mother, nana, bought it at an estate sale & wanted her sons-in-law to share the tie. it is actually a nice tie, save the kitschy pink screenprinted ‘ralph’ that is all over it. it’s chic, fashionable, skinny, has a fun ‘H’ on it, and is a beautiful charcoal silk. it would look great with a very nicely tailored suit, actually. it’s very madmen.

so it was all very silly & they played along. my father-in-law became ralph and my uncle-in-law became herb (silent ‘H’ thankyouverymuch. many years later (like, 20 years,) when their baby brother got married his new wife, aunt lou became ruby. i was next, 10 years later and chose hermione.

i got married in 2000 and found the name in my great-big-humongous-everything-by-and-about-shakespeare-ever book. i didn’t get it from harry potter fame, as i had no idea that harry potter existed then. hermione was the wife of leontes in the winter’s tale. she suffers as a result of his mistaken belief in her infidelity and at the end of the play she appears to return from the dead, having appeared as a statue. (from wikipedia) after reading that, i may want to change my H name to hippolyta, a leader of the amazons (i am tall,) who is the bride of theseus in a midsummer night’s dream and the two noble kinsmen. i like her story better.

anyhoo, we have this tie:

the tie

the guys started wearing it to all the holidays, trading off every year. they added aunt lou to the mix & then me.

my & him
(not the best picture, but here i am wearing it at passover 2004)

it’s my turn to pass it on. my sister-in-law needs to don it for a bit before she passes it on to uncle alice. in all honesty, i can’t remember the name she picked, but i have a feeling it was a town in massachussetts that starts with ‘R.’ maybe rehoboth on long island, like ronkonkoma.

uncle alice is nameless, but we’ll cut him some slack. he’s only been married a month.

anyone got any suggestions for him?

we need an ‘H.’


One Response to “the tie”

  1. nectarine November 20, 2009 at 8:12 pm #

    OK, so Uncle Alice has come up with a few: Hans, as in Hans and Franz, Hammer, just cuz it pretty cool, he could be Uncle Hammer, and last and I think the coolest one is Habakkuk, its origins are Hebrew for embrace. Pretty cool. So we’ll see, maybe he’ll have an epiphany in Mexico and choose something šŸ™‚

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