and the holidays have begun

22 Nov

our family started trickling in this past weekend. aunt harr & uncle nom came in late friday night. it’s the first thanksgiving i’ve celebrated with them as they live in new jersey & we’ve just never been in the same place for turkey.

bubbe & zeyda come in on tuesday and are staying at our house. numerous others will end up here by thursday for a little bit of smoked bird & tons of fixins’. 24 total for thanksgiving dinner and i couldn’t be more excited. especially since it isn’t at my house!

we did cook for 12 tonight, though. chicken and dumplins’, mashed potatoes, green beans, wilted lettuce salad, and a ridiculous chocolate cake that has 5 3/4 sticks of butter. yum.

on tuesday night we will have all 24 at our house for dinner. should be interesting, to say the least. i’ll report back with my findings after the fact.

i hope everyone in the states has a great short week and i hope everyone else has a great regular-sized week.

2 Responses to “and the holidays have begun”

  1. Harriet November 30, 2009 at 7:53 pm #

    It was truly a marvelous week. Highlights include all the wonderful dinners and commraderie at your house and R/Ls and getting to see the little ones who finally acknowledge our existence. Couldn’t have been better except if Mom & Dad, Em, Al, Ar & Sar were there too.

  2. tara November 24, 2009 at 9:03 am #

    24? Wow. Thats alot of turkey.

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