i told you i would be too busy to post anything

5 Feb

i started this yesterday morning, so you’ll see what’s been done since.

i’m still plugging away at birthday gifts.

-my sister’s baby got a travel pillow case, as requested & a t-shirt with a 2. when she unwrapped it, she knew what the pillow case was & laid it on the ground & pretended to sleep on it. too cute.

for bells

for bells #2

-last year, the boy cousin got a shirt with a roman numeral 9, and when he opened this present last week he shouted, “a 10 shirt!” he was pleasantly surprised to find a tie t-shirt, instead. sadly, i have no pictures of this.

-the girls’ quilts have been quilted & are on their way back here as we speak. i should get them today or tomorrow i have them. i started binding one of them and will be frantically hand-stitching all the live-long day. a week should give me plenty of time.

-i’ve also got to get them to pick out 8 different fabrics for a t-shirt & add a monogram to an adorable dress from target.

then, they’ll be done.

-i’m finishing up a very late wedding gift for nectarine & uncle alice. it may be after the girls’ birthday, but it’s worth it. i’m also going to send her birthday present then, too. i’d show you those, but then she’d see them since she reads these posties. (i’m on the last step of this one! yay!)

-past that, i haven’t even thought of presents & i have 4 more by march 2.

-in other news, my best friend is coming out to visit next week with her daughter, who is the girls’ age. the girls have no idea & we’re hoping to surprise them big time. while she’s here, we’re running a 10k (my first) on valentine’s day. i’ve never run more than 4 miles in one shot, so just over 6 should be interesting. i did do that relay last year, but only did 3 miles at a time throughout the day.

-i’ve been inspired by bhj to run every day for the month of february, whether it’s 1 mile or a 10k, i’ll be out there every day. he ran every day in january & stopped eating meat & sugar & lost 17 lbs. granted, i don’t need to lose 17 lbs, but it’s a testament to what exercise & better eating will do. we ran along the aqueduct (or canal if you wanna pretend we’re fancy) today & the boy calls it the “actaduck” (and it looks like i’ll have to wait until daddyjay gets home from work today before i can run since the boy is sick. but i’m committed.)

-my hair fits in a ponytail, again. granted, it’s an ugly ponytail, but for someone who is growing her hair out again, it’s a huge milestone. also? there are white hairs on my temple that i couldn’t see without pulling it back. and i love it.

-i finally fixed a pair of jeans that got a big hole in the knee. i patched them with a piece of home dec. cloth & since i haven’t worn them since before jamison was born, i’ve worn them for 3 days.

fixing a hole where the rain gets in

-once these birthdays are over, i really want to sew for myself & hope to do just that for a long while. i have a huge list of things to make for me & i never get to them.

ok. i’m off.


2 Responses to “i told you i would be too busy to post anything”

  1. tara February 10, 2010 at 5:29 pm #

    wow, you have been sewing your fingers to the bone. I love the number t-shirts. I need one that says 38. I might just do that. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. dana- old red barn co February 5, 2010 at 11:54 am #

    Love the patched jeans!

    I got to see your quilts while they were at Rhonda’s. LOVE them!!

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