timeline of the tooth

22 Feb

wednesday night was the first time i had a chance to shove my camera in jilly’s face. i’ve got some kinda close-ups of her mouth here, so if you wouldn’t like that, don’t look.

day 1, no tooth
the mouf

day 1, smile
at least she’s happy, right?

day 2, duh
after the dentist

day 2, close-up
the gaps crack me up.

day 5, gaps
and yesterday

day 5, grin
all better (at least, i can tell myself that)

things could have been much much worse & i thank my lucky stars we lost just a tooth.


One Response to “timeline of the tooth”

  1. Grumble Girl February 23, 2010 at 7:35 am #

    Indeed, things could have been SO much worse!! Poor baby… all better soon!! xox

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