no day but today

3 May

not sure if i said anything, but i’ve been out of commission in the running department for 3 weeks with a badly sprained ankle.

i did it while walking.


smooth move, ex lax is right.

anywho, i decided to start at it again today by easing back into walking & trying a little running. and when i say easing, i mean easing. i walked/ran for 1.1 miles. (is that even plural?) and it felt good. i also joined the site daily mile in the hope of being motivated & following my own progress.

i’ve been missing the running every morning and my damn pants were getting tight again. i suppose next time i’m sidelined with an injury, i should be a little more aware of my food intake so i don’t feel like i’m starting all over again. i didn’t gain any weight, but the clothes fit a bit differently. ah, well. no sense dwelling on it. it is what it is and now i move forward.

something else i’ve contemplated changing is my coffee habit. i wouldn’t say i’m addicted to coffee since i only have 2 cups in the morning, but if i perchance don’t get a chance to have coffee for one reason or another i end up with a monster headache in the afternoon. i’m weaning myself from regular coffee & slowly going to decaf. then, if i feel like having a cuppa i can, but if i don’t, it won’t ruin my day. not to mention the calories i’ll save. i know i only drink 2 cups, but when you add as much cream and sugar as i do, you save 250 calories if you stop drinking it. that just means more dessert, right?

speaking of weaning, the baby didn’t nurse this morning so it’s kinda been an eventful day and it’s only 1:33pm

that is all. (shhh – i don’t want to jinx it.)


One Response to “no day but today”

  1. Trooper Thorn May 3, 2010 at 2:20 pm #

    Anything more than a mile is plural. Better yet, if you run in Metric, you can rack up the kilometres faster.

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