another day, another swap

7 May

i’ve joined the modify traditions quiltie swap. we’re making doll quilts/wall hangings based on the premise that we modify traditional quilting methods with a modern twist. mostly with fabric choice. i can’t make wonky lines, which is fine and one fo the reasons i signed up. i want to stretch my ability & this is perfect for me since i tend to improvise when i quilt & i’d like to do more pattern work.

anyhoo – here’s my gallery of inspiration for my super-secret partner to gander:

modify traditions swap inspiration

i like long walks on the beach, white russians…

oh, wait, wrong post.

i like bright, saturated colors, bold prints, fussy cutting & any style you can think of. i really like most all quilting, but am really in love when fabric choice comes into play.

have fun, partner!


One Response to “another day, another swap”

  1. tara May 21, 2010 at 4:58 pm #

    congratulations on the Lush fabric win! I love that fabric.

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