i don’t even wanna talk about it

17 Jun

we went to the endodontist to have him finish the root canal on jilly’s tooth today that he started 2 weeks ago.


he wouldn’t finish it.

she had a sedative (7.5 mg of diazepam to be exact) to calm her down, but he didn’t think she was calm enough. they took her back without me & started the novocaine, but only got so far as the first injection when he called it off. he thought she was going to have an anxiety attack.

looking back, i feel like i should have advocted to keep going, to let me go in with her, to do something to get it done today, but i didn’t want to be pushy. i didn’t want to seem like i didn’t care about her because i do, i do, i do.


now we have to go to yet another doctor for a pre-evaluation and then have an IV-sedated root canal.

and we get to pay for 2 root canals.

ugh. so the count is:

referrals: 6
root canals: 0

please let the next time be our last.

previous installations of this saga are here, here, here, and here.

*posts will be few & far between since we are mid-move & we won’t have internet access until next week.


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