sleepy conversations

21 Jul

the little dude just came into our room, crying, “milk! i need milk!”

i took him back to his room, with a pit stop in the kitchen for a cup of moo juice. once we got back to his room and he drank his milk he started chatting me up.

“my teeth hurt.”

“i need more milk.”

a quick trip back to the fridge and he tripped my brain again.

“ah, that’s better.”

“my brain fixed it.”

“i had bugs in my brain.”

then, he talked to me like i was jilly, proceeded to explain that he thought i was jilly, and told me he was done and that i could leave.

all with a sweet smile and a laugh on his lips.

and a tug on my heart.

these simple moments are the reason i blog. so i don’t forget the sweetness in the midst of this crazy-whack-a-doo life.


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