do fun stuff!!

30 Aug

ryan marshall of the incredible blog pacing the panic room has put together an album of kids music for adults that totally rocks. it’s called “do fun stuff” and you will not want to turn it off. not only did he put together an album any parent will WANT to listen to with their kids, but he’s doing it for his littlest buddy.

if you don’t read pacing the panic room, the littlest buddy (lb) is ryan’s stepson who was recently diagnosed with smith magenis syndrome

from ryan:

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this album goes to a grant fund I established with PRISMS. The money will be made available to grad students who wish to make SMS their field of choice, the benefit of this is more hard research being done, which leads to more case studies, which leads to more answers for parents and researchers.

he’s done all of this. it’s worn him out. make it worth his while.

i’ve been following his blog since ohdeedoh highlighted him for his first maternity series with his wife, cole, in april of last year. i’ve been a devoted follower since.

not only is ryan an amazing photographer, but he has a way with words that can catch you laughing and crying all in the same post. his deep and abiding love for cole, lb & their toddler, tessa, seeps through the pores of every word he dedicates to them.

so get over to the site and buy the album. if you want to donate more to a worthy cause, you can. while you’re there, grab the widget to add to your site. if you don’t blog, share it on facebook, twitter, email, snail mail, telephone, wherever.

your ears won’t hate you. there isn’t a song i don’t like, but i especially love “biscuits” by the adorably french scampi.

*two items to add to my lifelist.

-get a song on a future volume of “do fun stuff”
-have ryan get a picture of me at blogher, which means i’ll have to dance at sparklecorn. i don’t dance anymore, but dammit, i’ll do it to get that shot.


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