my girls used to call us mommy mae and daddy jay. the bloggy name is ambiguous enough that very few would recognize me so i can stay incognito for a bit. i’m sure someone will figure it out someday. until then, mommymae it is. i stay home with justice who is 3, jamison (a girl) who was born on 8/8/08, and the big girls, scout and jillianne, who are in 2nd grade. those are also their middle names and i’m not sure why i didn’t think of doing that from the beginning.

i used to call them the kids jeebs (scout,) swayzer (jillianne,) the bug (justice,) and miss james (jamison.) i imagine i may still call her miss james, ’cause it’s cute and i took it from her middle name. i also call justice the boy since he’s the only one.

as far as i know i’ve changed all instances of the old names, but may have missed one here and there.


One Response to “who?”

  1. planetnomad December 2, 2009 at 3:44 pm #

    Mommymae is a cute nickname. When my oldest son was learning to talk, he called Donn (my husband) “Daddy-Donn.” It was so cute. Your nicknames reminded me.

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