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home heat home

19 Jul

because nothing says “welcome home” quite like a busted AC and a hole in your roof where a skylight once was.

especially if you live in the desert.

during the monsoons.

that there’d be straight-up sky.


i would rather starve than eat your bread

4 Sep

i’m not one to spout my allegiance politically or religiously. there are a lot of folks doing it today, though.

i can agree with all of them on different points.

i think it’s ridiculous that she is being hounded for being a mom and seeking positions of political power. while i relish being a stay at home mom of 4 kids, i know plenty of moms who have 1, 2, or more kids and work. that’s fine. that’s not just fine, that’s great. what works for one doesn’t work for others. it’s like music that way. it’s all subjective. i like pearl jam, but not everyone does (well, maybe i should have picked another band – phish or the beastie boys, glenn gould, bob schneider…) anyhoo – if she wants to have 5 kids and be the vice president, good on her! that’s her right as a PERSON.


she doesn’t appeal to me because we have the same girly bits and i’m a little offended that the republicans think we wimin folk would like her because we have ovaries. she’s got no policy. at least i didn’t see any last night. i saw a lot of rhetoric and sarcasm.

slashing special education spending? pork barrel politics anyone? lying about your opponent in front of the rnc and everyone watching at home? (come on lady, you’re gonna get fact checked out the wazoo.)

and for numerous other reasons, john mccain doesn’t have my vote. for starters, what about the john mccain we knew when he was running against bush the first time around? oh yea, he couldn’t win, so this new (AND IMPROVED!) mccain is running. he is out of touch with economics. he is out of touch with those of us who don’t have enough houses to lose count (WTF?!?)

there’s more to say, but it’s been said and i just hope that voters are informed and don’t vote for a one-trick pony or vote on single issues. there are a lot of issues that i hold dear, but i don’t vote for just one of them. i vote for the candidates who share the most values as me and while that is usually a democrat, i can’t say i won’t vote across party lines. heck, even voted for mccain once…