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6 Aug

* per random.org, my winner is (duh dah duh! {it’s supposed to be a trumpet sound})


i’ll figure out what colors you want & we’ll go from there

i hope to see some of you next year in san diego!

shawn at backpacking dad started a fun-loving and totally mock real conference on wednesday night called #homeher10. you can follow our antics and non-jealousy at not being at blogher at #homeher10 on twitter, if’n you’re into that kind of thing. it’s all silliness and there are even giveaways!

speaking of giveaways! i want to add to the fray. i’ll give away one personalized shirt or onesie to one person who leaves a comment telling me what they want to see at blogher 2011 in san diego. i’ll pick a winner with the random number generator thingy. i’ll close off the comments sunday night at 7pm pst.

i’ll start. i’d like to see some craft-related panels or royos. there is a huge market of craft bloggers & i think blogher is missing out on that.

here are some of the shirts i’ve made in the past, so you can see what you’re in for:

#homeher10 giveaway

now don’t let’s forget about blogherathome as well. there’s a live chat tonight. (password: bhah)


my pre-blogher post 2010!

2 Aug

(no, i’m not going to blogher, but was struck yesterday about what i’d advise {assvise, whatever} to you lovely folks out there who are going to new york city. sniff. sniff.)

lucy smiles just like her mama, all teeth, gums, and beautiful joy. she thinks her big brother hung the moon and she’s right. she fell right in step with my girls and they had a great time running around like mad chickens, hanging out in the gigantic bathtub, watching t.v., and just being little girls.

jackson isn’t shy (like some children i know. ahem – jilly.) he gave me an arm pump and a “yes!” when i told him that he had a firm handshake. it’s an important thing for an young man or young woman to learn, methinks. he explained the game he was playing on his DS to justice, all the while not minding that my boy had his head on his shoulder to see, see, see!!! what he was doing. he played with the youngsters with no complaints and unbridled fervor.

jenna is as warm and inviting as you’d want any friend to be. right off the bat, i felt like i knew her. and even though i wasn’t much of a conversationalist, i still had a good time hanging out. she has adorable glasses and some beautiful skin art. i love her sleeve & should have looked at it more, but don’t wanna be creepy, ya know? maybe next time. right? next time, jenna?

and bhj? well, he’s just a person, just like you and me. a person, who i’m lucky to have now met through this blogging community we’re in. i still know that he writes like his life depends on it and i eat up his words and cadence like candy. but i also know that he’s just a guy on the other side of the screen, swimming in his words. i knew that before, though.

he’s exactly what i expected. they all were. and they were fantastic.

jenna and bhj

and you know what?. the black hockey jesuses may never wanna see me again, but i still had fun, enjoyed the red rocks of sedona, and had a nice break from the flood clean-up of 2010 (more on that later.) they’re always welcome in our house and can have their pick of couch space. we do have a mormon couch. two, even.

here’s where my advice comes in.

if you’re going to new york this week is to say hello, grab a coffee, go out for a drink, sit in your pjs and talk. i hope you’ll remember that the bloggers you meet are just people on the other side of a screen no matter how much money they make or how many page hits they get or how popular they seem. so go up to whoever you want to meet and say hi. enjoy it. because i know at least one gal who wishes she was going, but can’t. and i’d be soaking up all of the glorious rays of sun from each and every one of you if i was there.

and if you can’t have fun with 2400 other people who have come to learn, hang out, party, and take pictures, you’re doing it wrong.

oh, and he has nice feet.

omg! it's his knee!
(jamison took that one. i could show you the utter ridiculousness of what this could be, but really, it’s just a leg, man. they have legs, people. just say hi. it’s just a leg, an arm, a face, a brain that writes really funny/poignant/heart-felt/thought-provoking/delicious blog posts. but still. just a knee.)

the storms that wipe out the internet may just pay for my way to blogher ’10: mabel’s labels blogher ‘10 contest

4 Mar

so there’s this contest over at mabel’s labels to try to win an all-expenses paid trip to blogher ’10 in nyc next august. i really want to go, but can’t see spending, even saving, the amount of money i’d need to go. not when i just moved cross-country and may or may not buy a house here in the crazy-expensive oasis that is arcadia. if someone will pay me to go and give me a gig writing for them, i could totally swing it.

and labels! who doesn’t want labels!?!

since electrical storms that are going to wipe out the internet forever (not really,) i’d better say farewell.

i’m a word nerd. this includes names. the labels we give ourselves and each other tell much about us. keeping our names from you has been an exercise in privacy, yet as the end of internet days draws near, i give them to you, as we say goodbye.

my husband, thaddeus montgomery clevester iii, puts up with me even though i’m not romantic, let him cook, grocery shop, and get babies at 3am. i’m fairly easy to live with, i don’t complain about his smell much, and i do all the laundry.

my darling twins, fannie slade and belle davis, brought life to this mama. they’ve taught me patience, how to see through another set of eyes (or 2,) and thrill me with their twinness. (i’m also a science nerd and am amazed by the biology of twins.)

my darling karate-chopping tsunami, frederick lammlein. you, sir, have me wrapped around your pinky toe and i may never let go. your wife will have to marry a 9-toed man. (it’s not that bad. i did it.)

sweet dottie mel. you, dear, tie it all up so nicely. we clevesters wouldn’t be the clevester 6 without you, you know?

i’m not sure where i’d be without my family, my passion. probably begging below alice in central park for blogher tickets.

as i say goodbye to you all, i won’t think about how sad i am that i won’t see you anymore, ’cause i’m hoping that a) we’ll hug in new york in august and b) i’ll talk to you on the phone.

just make sure to leave me your name and number?

jenny mae clevester

*all names have been changed to protect, well, everyone. except me.

i’m hoping that the word counting only includes my final farewell post to you guys and not the intro and this outro. it was crazy hard to edit this to under 300 words, man. i started with 511.