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go get yourself some freckletree

27 Jul

my gorgeous mama-friend, joy, has an etsy shop and blog, both called freckletree. she is hilarious, beautiful, a mama of twins, and genuinely one of the people on this earth i most want to meet before my days end.

i want you to go to her etsy shop & shop. buy something. she upcycles adorable wee baby clothes & has some smokin’-hot mama gear. if i hadn’t just said i’d not buy any clothes for myself until my shopping extravaganza in l.a. with bec from girls gone child, i’d clean her out. i want one of everything. i mean look at this adorable dress:

the colors are to die for & there’s a spider!

in the pocket! more swooning.

and for me?

and how seriously cute is she? look at her adorable pony on top of her head.

you’d better hurry, before i change my mind & buy it all.

of course, miss jamison wouldn’t wear any of the dresses, since she’s obsessed with her brother & only wearing his clothes.

but that could change any day now.

while you’re at it, go enter her giveaway here.