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slow and low

29 Jun

writing a post from my phone is no fun, so this’ll be short.

we’ve been in the new house for 2 weeks now & i’m still surrounded by boxes in the office and the sewing/craft/toy room. and i have a few projects that need to get done. i’m making “we’re catholic now” dresses for my nieces (what? that’s not what it’s called?) as well as my quilting bee blocks that i owe 4 people. i have 1 done & it’ll go out tomorrow, but I have to finish the others. hopefully, before we leave town on sunday.

we’re flying out on the 4th to go to st. louis & mt. vernon (my hometown.) we hope to see everyone we love while there & will be leaving our vicious chickens to guard the house.

sunny blue & astrid are our second pair of chicks. they had been hanging out in a cardboard box for 3 weeks while we moved & built a coop (or ‘coo’ as the boy says.) today was their first full day out there & they survived, so we hope they don’t succumb to the heat. sadly, our first 2 chicks, taco and sparkle, flew the coop the day we move in. we didn’t have a roof on their enclosure & they popped up over the side and hopped the fence. sparkle ended up in the neighbor’s pool, but taco is just gone. i feel really badly about it, but i never imagined they’d go over. the kids know that they are gone, but we figure it’s better they don’t know sparkle was found in the drink.

the internet connection we have is horrible and i don’t have my external hard drives connected to the computer yet, so posts will remain light until i get that handled.

as is, my arms are falling asleep. i hope to get back to it when everything is in its place.

home sweet holycrapitcostshowmuch?

8 Nov

so, we’re in the market to buy a house here in phoenix. you’d think that would be easy enough, right? well, i hat to say it, but you’d be wrong.

we want to live in an area called arcadia. if you know phoenix, this is north east phoenix, just next to south western scottsdale. our girls go to school in the scottsdale school district and we like it. we want them to stay there, which really isn’t a problem because once they’re in, they’re in. (wink, wink. {i have no idea what that means.})

now, all over the valley, prices have been plummeting and we could find a really great and really inexpensive house if we wanted to commute, but we don’t want to commute. we’re not into it and we’ll be paying for it in a house instead of time and gas money. it’s a trade off, see? but not an easy one to swallow.

we sold a beautiful 2 story, 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, walk-out basement house in st. louis for $270k-ish. if we wanted to buy that same house here, we’d pay $750k MINIMUM! it’s ridiculous, is what it is. we will not be buying a house for anywhere near $750k, so we have to decide if we want to wait it out and hope prices continue to drop or move to the suburbs.

i got nothing against the suburbs, i just don’t wanna live there.

woe is me.

there are worse problems to have, I KNOW, but i can still complain.