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not quite done with any of it

21 Aug

i never did update the status of jilly’s tooth or the move because we’re really done with neither. her tooth is not quite done, but we are sooooooooo close and we promised ourselves we would finish the house this weekend after i called daddyjay in a fit about apologizing, for the last time, about the mess in the house.

jilly had her big surgery on july 27th and i after holding her hand while she drifted off to anaethesia-induced dreamland, i waited patiently in the waiting room cutting hexies while they helped my baby get better.

i was told afterward that her tooth had a load of infection in it, more than anticipated, and they got all the yuck out. mind you, she’d been on hard-core antibiotics for 2+ weeks and had started the third round of antibiotics the night before (with a side of diazepam.)

i was so very proud of her for being so calm beforehand. a year ago, i would have said that she was the last of my children that i would have wanted to have any major surgery. now? she can do anything. she was so very brave and i am so very proud of her.

all we’re waiting on now is the permanent crown that is being made by a lab to match the one she owns right next to it, as she currently has a temporary crown that looks loads better than the previous crown since it moved around a bit and gave her a janky smile.

almost there
current pretty smile

referrals: 6
root canals: 1 (take that, punk toof!)

also of note: the previous endodontist gave us $400 back from the root canal he didn’t finish. this was completely unexpected, but not unwanted. we were thrown a bit to think we had to pay for the procedure that wasn’t done. a happy day, indeed, that was.

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i’ll give you more of my house once we finish this weekend. none of it is presentable currently, so i’ll spare you. daddyjay and i are setting up the tv wirelessly & we have some guys taking the gazebo and hot tub out in the back (craigslist rulez!) as we speak. i suppose this means i’m not doing anything, but i’d just be in the way, wouldn’t i?


of birthdays, besties, bikes, roofs & races

16 Feb

my big girls are 8. that’s half-way to 16.


we had a fabulous, surprise-filled birthday weekend starting with our airport pick-up on friday afternoon. i’d been telling the girls we had to pick up one of daddy’s friends & they were completely shocked when we found my best friend & her 8 year old, rose, standing on the curb. so shocked, in fact, that they didn’t even talk for a good 10 minutes. once they started, however, they were hard to stop.

i made homemade pizza friday night & the girls requested dirt cake. i had originally planned to make texas chocolate sheet cake, as well, but we went out to eat on their birthday & had pizzookie, so we ended up with just one mommy-made birthday dessert.

we woke up on the girls’ birthday morning with the good news that some home owner’s accepted our offer on their house!! yay! now to get through the inspection period & bank approval. since it’s a short sale we have to get approval to buy at the low low price we offered. AND i’ll be in the same exact neighborhood as my friend, sarah! yippee!!!

family room
here’s the family room. more photos on flickr.

the girls wanted donuts for their birthday. if i’m not eating lamar’s donuts, i don’t want ’em, so daddyjay picked up english muffins from la grande orange and the “best bacon in the world” as quoted by jillianne from aj’s and we made eggs benedict. yum.

the girls opened presents on skype with my mom & daddyjay’s parents in the morning, had fun all day with miss rose, riding scooters (that they just got from bubbe & zeyda,) riding bikes, playing spa, trying on new clothes, playing rose’s dsi. they had a blast. they finished opening presents that afternoon, including the big ones from me & their daddy.

****small rant****
although i had plans to give all 4 kids their quilting bee-made quilts for christmas, it just didn’t happen. two people didn’t even return my squares to me or the material, and i was hoping that they would. this is the one fault i can find in a virtual quilting bee and i’m not sure how to fix it. i ended up making 7 of the 15 squares on jilly’s quilt and 4 on scout’s i was planning on the 4, but not, the extra 3 for jilly’s. and the bee for jamison’s quilt is missing 2 squares from one person. to say i’m upset is an understatement. in truth, these 2 ladies have stolen material from me & there is nothing i can do about it.
****rant over****

in these pictures, scout’s quilt has been washed and jilly’s has not. you can see the difference a washing makes in the way the quilts crinkle. i love the crinkly effect.

looking north
on both beds

jilly's back
jilly’s back

scout's back
scout’s back

that afternoon, i got my own present from daddyjay. a new bike! i haven’t had a bike since middle school & he surprised me with a nirve cruiser.

my new baby
isn’t she pretty?

for dinner, that night, we went to their favorite restaurant, oregano’s. i even got dressed up. of course, i have no pictures since i didn’t take any, but the best friend does & i’ll have her send them too me tout suite!

here’s this one of the outfit, sans makeup, that i took earlier in the week. i was much cuter saturday night.

sunday morning brought the 10k race that the bestie and i signed up to race. we ran it in 1:03:05. not too shabby for my first time ever running that far. we only walked for about 100 yds. at mile 5. i was pretty proud. of course, the guy who won the marathon portion ran 20 more miles than me in 2:27:29. i think it’s crazy that people can do that. we were totally cute in our sparkly skirts sent to us by carrie of this is me and this mama makes stuff. she an the surf city marathon last week in them and we were super excited to be part of team sparkle. we took the bestie’s camera with us, but left the battery at home, so i only have iphone photos of our adventure. better than nothing, right?


all in all, we had a fantastic weekend. the girls had a great 8th birthday and the rest was icing on their (dirt) cake.

and i can’t wait for the bestie to come back with rose. i miss them more than they know.